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Epic Meaning for Epic Learning

‘Unleash your inner superhero!’ is a slogan I hear throughout the online learning sphere. I get it, Marvel has dominated the box office for the past decade and with all those Supers, Mutants, Avengers, and Guardians running around it makes us want to join them on their Quest to protect the galaxy, and rid the world of evildoers.

But the average Jo does not (unfortunately) have a giant S under his/her business shirt. However, what they do have, and I would argue is just as powerful, is the desire for Epic Meaning in their life.

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Gamification 101

Gamification is a popular buzzword. But what is it really?  Is it making your way through a maze of levels on a gaming console? Or maybe it's candy crush on your phone.  Perhaps it's collecting points to save up for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee house.  Or it could be a game of Jeopardy to review the content in your your final day of on-boarding.  

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