Level Up Your Learning


We are a Learning Technologies company specializing in the creation of next generation learning to take companies to new levels of awesomeness.  We employ innovative techniques including gamification, micro-learning, and creative use of multi media to engage learners, change behavior and help your learning retention rates sky-rocket!



Chat with one of our Learning Tech experts and strategize how to achieve the results and behavior your company needs.  We will consult about strategies, designs, and implementation of your learning initiative.  Have a crazy idea?!  Our consultants specialize in next generation learning techniques that will captivate and engage your learners.  We love working with clients to find the best and most exciting solution for their individual needs.

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Instructional Design

Providing custom, well tailored, and highly engaging content is what we do.  We have everything from pre-made bundles that will help us to deliver your e-Learning modules at lighting speed, to custom, hand crafted courses that will leave your learners wondering how soon can they attend their next training.


Onsite Training and Team Building Events

You think we are fun online?  Wait till you see us in action on-site!  Our professional trainers will bring excitement, engagement, and crazy amounts of fun to your next onsite event.  Work with our staff to customize your next team-building event.  We offer high quality learning materials, gamified events, and team building exercises that will make your next summit sparkle.