Onsite Events

You think we are fun online?  Wait till you see us in action on-site!  Our professional trainers will bring excitement, engagement, and crazy amounts of fun to your next onsite event.  Work with our staff to customize your next team-building event.  We offer high quality learning materials, gamified events, and team building exercises that will make your next summit sparkle.


Training and Team Building Events

We create custom simulations and real time strategy games to enhance your onsite events.  Get all your team members involved as they race to beat the clock solving problems, recruiting allies, and building their team.  These games range from 1 day events, week long retreats, and ongoing games throughout the year.  Let's collaborate today to see what mission your team will take on next

Public Speaking

Our experts will come to your training and development day to help your employees learn how they can create their own engaging content.  Topics we speak and train on include: Engagement, Motivation, Gamification, Adult Learning Theory, Managing the Design and Production Process, Multimedia, Micro-learning, and Tech within the learning space.