New Year, New Solutions, New Game


The holidays are over, budgets and plans for 2018 are rolling out.  Initiatives are underway to implement systems for improving team collaboration and stronger project progress. Some of these goals will be answered with the implementation of a software that promises to make processes and structures run leaner and meaner.

It’s perfect, software solves all the problems!

That is until it’s time to deploy the programs, build out the back end, train the admins, teach all the users what in the world is going on, get the company buy-in, the list goes on. And by the way, this all needs to be done by the end of Q2, what?!

That’s right. The promise of 2018 has now turned into a long laundry list of to do’s that all have rapidly approaching deadlines.

It’s time to rally the troops and engage them in some fun multimedia micro-learning. When learning new technologies, most attention spans range between 5-10 minutes. Creating short screen-cast tutorials can be extremely beneficial. Employees can watch one or two at a time, which will keep them engaged and beat the fog of fatigue. Companies can build out their library of micro-tutorials that can be accessed at any point. This will become an on-demand library of the company’s specific technologies. The micro-tutorial videos can be deployed on many different types of platforms.  Whether it be an intranet, Youtube channel, LMS, embedded within other programs, you name it and we can do it.

But let’s go further, shall we?

Program level gamification can help teams to be motivated and excited to complete their training. With this on-demand library, why not create quests where teams must finish certain paths in a race against the clock. Turn this dull software training into the race of a lifetime. Different teams go head to head competing for awesome prizes. This will drive motivation of the employees. Training will not only get done in a timely manner, but the excitement will course throughout the departments. This will drive retention of the new material and process, and will boost the buy-in from the employees.

Congratulations, 2018 has become the year of triumph! That new software you invested in is now fully implemented and driving exceptional results. With this new on-demand library of micro-tutorials, employees can quickly find answers to small problems they may have. They have less frustration, and more motivation and self-determination.

This sounds like a great solution, but how do you achieve this?

We can help. Level Up Your Learning will meet with subject matter experts and strategize on the best way to present the new material in micro, bite-sized pieces. We will script out the videos, record, and produce them. They will be presented in 3-8 minute chunks in order to keep the material moving. In addition, we have gamification experts who will discuss different ways to produce and manage your gamification model that can be employed to motivate and engage employees while competing for the new training quests.  

Let’s get your new 2018 adventure started!